As already mentioned in the first article, men’s accessories belong to a stylish outfit of a fashion-conscious man. Now you know what to look out for when combining several accessories. We’ve talked about cufflinks, tiepins, pocket squares, gloves and men’s bags. Here is a list of further great accessories that every gentleman should have in his wardrobe.

Tie and bow tie

A suit without a tie does not always look complete, in many professions this accessory is even mandatory. Therefore, every morning many men have to think which tie goes well with the suit they want to wear. This decision doesn’t concern the appropriate tie only, but also which knot to choose. Of course, there is a great variety of patterns and colors for ties. You should be careful with wool and knitted ties; the most popular ones for business are woven silk ties. For a formal appearance, it’s best to go for a dark colored silk tie. As for the patterns of a classic business tie, it should be kept as simple as possible. The famous saying “less is more” definitely applies in this case as well.

When it comes to the width of ties, my preference are ties with a width of 7 and 8cm, whereupon I would generally avoid narrow ties. In terms of all those tie knot options, one of the most well-known is the Windsor knot. Since this is an absolutely symmetrical knot, it is often considered quite boring. Alternatively, you can try the four-in-hand knot and for many “sartorial” gentlemen Old Bertie is the perfect knot.

In addition to the tie, there are further options for neck accessories such as for example the bow tie. This is not suitable for classic business meetings but can be rather combined as a stylish accessory for casual wear. Nowadays, the elegant bow tie is usually only worn for very formal or festive occasions such as the Black Tie (tuxedo) or White Tie (tails). Just like the tie, a bow tie is also being tied. Those of you, who have at least some sense of style, will know that under no circumstances a pre-tied bow tie should be worn.

Belts and suspenders

The belt is probably one of the few accessories with a practical use, as it keeps the trousers where they belong. Because of this, a belt is not really considered being a piece of jewelry and should be therefore kept as simple as possible when worn with a suit, preferably not even noticeable. Especially with a three-piece suit, it should hardly be visible in combination with the waistcoat. There is an enormous product range for belts with different fabrics and colors to choose from. As with all accessories, the materials used for belts are important with leather being the most preferred one, giving it a noble look especially in the colors black or brown. Belts should be chosen in the same color as the shoes and ideally also the watch strap.

Suspenders are the forerunners to belts and are nowadays worn more as a statement than for practical reasons. They definitely should be matched well with the suit and shouldn’t be combined with many further accessories. White shirts can definitely be upgraded with chic suspenders. The basic rule is: Suspenders should only be patterned when the pants are plain. However, if the trousers have pinstripes, for example, make sure that the suspenders don’t have a pattern. It is very important to not combine suspenders with a belt but to choose only one of those accessories. Especially small men shouldn’t wear belts which are really visible. Belts are optically dividing the body into two halves and this might have a disadvantageous effect for small men, making them appear even smaller. In this case suspenders are the better choice.


For many men, a matching watch is also part of a complete elegant outfit. More and more, wristwatches are becoming an accessory and less a commodity. Elegant watches can be perceived as a sign of seriousness and competence so you should be careful when choosing the right watch. I personally prefer men’s watches which are unostentatious with leather straps rather than striking big bulky ones, especially on metal straps.

Concerning the leather watch strap, it’s awesome if you can match its color to the color of your leather shoes as well as your leather belt. You can buy the watch straps in different colors and from various types of leather either directly from the jeweler or from a specialized dealer, paying about 100-150 Euro for a quality watch strap. It is also very easy to change the straps at home which allows you several possible combinations of the watch paired with your outfit. To most suits, however, a rather simple watch model should be chosen, representing elegance and class.


The most important point when it comes to socks is their length, imho. Unfortunately, it happens way too often in a business environment, that one sees naked skin, especially while men are sitting. This is an absolute no go! 😊 Therefore: Stay away from short socks and always go for over-the-calf socks, those are definitely a must-have. They will cover every inch of skin up to your knees so you will be always on the safe side. Since a large part of the socks is visible especially when sitting, attention should also be paid to the color. Before being really interested in the sartorial world of menswear, I had always assumed that the basic rule are long black socks. However, that’s absolutely boring and not always suitable!

Have a look at some Instagram profiles of really well-dressed men and you will be amazed how much the sock color can contribute to the overall look. Before you try out patterns and unusual colors, choose a simpler version and match it with your shoes, trousers and other accessories. Otherwise it will look like a blind grip in the sock drawer in the morning. Make sure that on formal occasions the socks are darker than the shoe. And get rid of all your faded socks! 😊