Nakata Hanger is a Japanese brand valued for their high-quality, elegant and durable wooden hangers. All their products are created and handmade in their own factory in Japan. Ladies and gentlemen around the world should not only care about how their sartorial attire looks on and fits their bodies. Having proper hangers in your wardrobe is essential for extending the longevity of your clothes. Nakata Hanger is the perfect brand to have a closer look at.

The beginnings of Nakatakogei

Nakatakogei was founded in 1946 by Toshio Nakata. His father ran a general shop and when taking over the resources, he decided to start his business specializing in hangers. This resulted from a meeting with a hanger craftsman and the feeling of a rising demand for hangers due to the growing industry in postwar Japan. After that, with the development of the apparel industry, hangers evolved together with it, and the company has grown throughout the late 20th century.

Nakatakogei was mainly specialized in the B2B business over the past six decades. However, Shuhei Nakata, the current president who joined the company in 2007, launched the company’s original own brand, NAKATA HANGER. The brand’s concept is “A Home for Your Clothes”.

At the same time when the brand was launched, he opened a showroom in Aoyama, Tokyo. Furthermore, he expanded not only in the B2B market but also the field of B2C attracting end consumers directly.

What is so special about the hangers by Nakata Hanger?

All their hangers are all made of wood and feature a premium quality especially when it comes to exact shapes and beautiful finishes. The reason why Nakata Hanger products have such an amazing and smooth surface is that the craftsmen carefully make them piece by piece with their hands. As you know, each wood has its own uniqueness, and you can simply feel the natural warmth. Transforming a piece of wood into such beautiful pieces of art requires truly meticulous craftsmanship. Therefore, their products are truly elegant and valuable in terms of quality, durability and esthetics.

Hangers are a great idea for a present as they are consiered to bringing luck.

Hangers by Nakata Hanger are also a great idea for a present. They deliver their hangers with a unique message: “Hanging clothes is Happiness!“ In Japanese, “hanging clothes” is called ”Fuku-kake”. But this has also an additional meaning: wishing and bringing happiness. Therefore, hangers are considered a lucky item. This made Toshio (the founder) come up with the message behind the brand. Their wooden hangers are actually handmade by craftsmen wishing the future owner happiness. Beautiful message, isn’t it? 😊

Nakata Hanger’s product range

The brand mainly categorizes its products into hangers for men and hangers for women. You will also find hangers for kids and for pet’s clothes! The main products are jacket hangers. For men, they are available in three sizes (S, M and L) and for women they also offer smaller sizes. The best-selling hanger in their product range is a hanger for men’s suits, Authentic-05 (AUT-05).

Basically, you can distinguish the following types of hangers:

  • thick hangers for coats and jackets
  • thin hangers for shirts
  • hangers for trousers and pants
  • hangers for ties, belts, and scarfs

In addition to hangers, they are also making clothing racks. All Nakata Hanger products are made of beech wood and are handmade in their own factory located at Hyogo, in Japan. They have accumulated more than 70 years of skills, know-how and experience with the creation and development of hangers. Most of the time, they were producing them for domestic and overseas apparel companies and famous brands. Thus, there are thousands of hanger models they have created throughout this time.

Nakata Hanger focuses on a few selected hanger types.

It was never their intention of having a huge variety and lineup of products for the general consumers. Without the explicit knowledge and attention to detail, it would be fairly difficult for customers to distinguish the subtle differences in the various hanger models. Therefore, they are rather focusing on a few selected and proven types, which they can recommend with high confidence as NAKATA HANGER. For some of those types it takes one or two weeks, sometimes even up to three weeks to make one single piece. One of the most important tips when choosing the right hanger is to look out for the proper thickness and shoulder width.

Customize your own hanger!

As a customer you have the option of buying a ready-made hanger or you can customize it according to your wishes. The following customization possibilities are available:

  • engraving a name
  • choosing the color, both of the wood and of the metal parts
  • choosing the size for broad or more narrow shoulders

The lead time for customized products is between two and four weeks. Such a fast production is possible as they have built a system that can support small-lot productions at their own factory. Furthermore, wooden products have the advantage that they can be freely processed by hand. This process would not work with mass-produced plastic hangers as they require expensive molds.

Future goals and sales channels

The short-term goal is for customers around the world to consider NAKATA HANGER as one of the options when looking for high-quality wooden hangers. In the long-term, the company strives to bring positive emotions to their customers. They want them to cherish their clothes and to enjoy a fashion lifestyle through a shopping experience with Nakata Hanger. It would definitely be honorable to transform the word “NAKATA” into the meaning of “hanger” one day.

You can buy hangers by Nakata Hanger not only in Japan but anywhere worldwide through their online shop. Here the link to the online shop. When it comes to a physical presence, the have a showroom in Aoyama, Tokyo where they are happy to welcome everyone who wants to stop by and visit them. Their hangers are also available at several specialty stores and tailors in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Shuhei, thank you so much again for all this insightful and fascinating information about Nakata Hanger! I truly hope that men around the world will more and more include your beautiful products into their wardrobes 😊

Picture courtesy: Nakata Hanger