Garmentry is an online marketplace for buying and selling second hand classic menswear on an international scale. The company was founded in 2020 by two brothers from Stockholm, Christopher and Joachim who have just recently launched the website. Garmentry solely focuses on preowned high-quality garments, shoes and accessories for men. It aims at bringing together buyers and sellers in this niche market. They have the potential of becoming the go-to marketplace for all classic menswear enthusiasts from around the world. Don’t miss out on having a closer look at this exciting platform!

The idea of creating Garmentry

The idea behind Garmentry came up when Christopher wanted to sell some of his sartorial jackets and trousers which weren’t being used any longer. However, he could not find any appropriate webpage that he felt would reach the target audience in this niche market of high-quality garments. Furthermore, none of the websites he found during his research, had built-in features such as payment providers, filtering options etc.

For quite some time already, the two brothers had a great interest in marketplaces in general. Since Joachim works as a Web Developer and Christopher as a Marketing Manager in their daily jobs, it was the perfect match of required skills to establish an own platform for classic menswear. Here, they would be able to incorporate all the features they wanted. So, in the past months they have dedicated most of their free time for this project by keeping their jobs. They have just sneak-launched Garmentry in July 2020.

The value proposition of the marketplace

Garmentry is perfect for any menswear enthusiast who isn’t consuming cheap ‘fast fashion’ but rather invests in a few quality pieces. The classic menswear community can really benefit from this new marketplace. It has the potential to become THE go-to platform in this sartorial niche market: both for you as a seller but also as a buyer.

Christopher explains: “We are not doing this just for the community itself. We want to be a part of changing the way we consume clothes today and we believe in re-using high-quality pieces. By enabling an extension of the lifetime of the garments, we make a positive impact on the environment and sustainability.”

I guess that everyone of us has at least one or two pieces in our wardrobes which we are no longer wearing but which are still in a good condition. They might not fit properly anymore or were never a perfect fit in the first place. Or we have worn them for some time already and want to make space for something new. It’s a pity that such fine clothes are simply tucked away in the back of our closet collecting dust. Why not let someone else enjoy those preowned pieces and still get some money for it?

How does it work?

It is fairly easy and intuitive to buy and sell on Garmentry. It is free for you as a seller to create your own account and to start inserting clothes, shoes and accessories for sale. Only when an item is sold, then you will pay a transaction fee of 10% of the purchase price. Once you list something, the team at Garmenty will review it and delete anything which is suspicious, not authentic or which violates the community rules.

This international marketplace aims at any menswear enthusiast from around the world. Thanks to several great features, the buying and selling experience is truly facilitated. Amongst others, those features are:

  • The opportunity to follow your favorite sellers and get notifications when a new item is up for sale
  • Built-in, secure payment systems to reduce the risk of fraud
  • As a seller, you create your own “shop” on the platform
  • Chat-feature between seller and buyer
  • Reviews and rating system for buyers and sellers

Start cleaning out your wardrobe now and have a look at high-quality pieces to enhance your collection! Click here to get to this marketplace directly.

Christopher, thanks a lot again for all those fascinating insights into Garmentry! It’s a really exciting project! I truly believe that it will be a great benefit for “sartorial aficionados” from around the world 😊

Picture courtesy: Garmentry