As far as men’s accessories are concerned, these are definitely part of a chic outfit of style-conscious men. Not only women enhance their appearance with such accessories but also men can express their taste and style better. Wristwatches, belts, ties, pocket squares or cufflinks are the usual suspects. So even that favorite suit can always be re-expressed and individually worn by combining it with suitable accessories. But which ones should not be missing in a stylish outfit these days? Read part 1 of the article here, further accessories will be tackled in the next article. 😊

Accessories combined with a suit – less is more?

Wristwatches, belts, pocket squares, cufflinks and ties (we do not consider the wedding ring as an accessory in itself) – these are all chic accessories, but in combination it might be too much. You should abide by certain basic rules, if you don’t want your overall outfit to give the impression of being overloaded. The simplest thing to consider is matching the color of your belt’s leather to your watch strap and your shoes. You can definitely score with that. Also, try to limit yourself to no more than three or four other accessories besides a watch and pay attention to the quality and the details of each product. Everything should fit perfectly with the suit, however, you should always stay loyal to your own style. Accessories can help you create individuality and authenticity, but you don’t want to look disguised, do you?

Cufflinks and tie pins

If you want to literally refine your suit, you choose cufflinks or a tie clip. It is very important not to combine both together, but to opt for only one of these accessories. Be sure to rely on quality and dispense with cheap metals. Preference is given to precious metals such as gold or silver, as they will look high-quality and noble for many years.

If you decide to wear cufflinks, you need to choose the right shirt. In this case, shirts with a longer cuff which folds back, the so-called French (or Double) cuff are suitable. Additionally, the sleeves of the jacket should be about 1.5 centimeters shorter, so that the shirt cuffs and hence the cufflinks underneath are visible. When playing with colors, you should include the color of the tie and the belt in the overall concept. Otherwise, plain cufflinks are always a great option.

Tie pins are placed just above the middle of the tie and are a real eye-catcher. Be careful with silk ties, as the pin may cause small holes. Originally, they were worn to prevent the tie from folding and instead being straight all the time.

Pocket squares

Actually, pocket squares were originally used for hygienic purposes such as wiping off sweat for example. They could also be regarded as a kind of handkerchiefs for emergencies. For example, men had such handkerchiefs, in case they wanted to help a crying woman and express sympathy. The modern version of the pocket squares as we know it today, is a great complement to suits and should match the outfit in terms of color and pattern. Gents, please make sure, that you’re not matching the pocket square too closely with the primary color or your tie. In no case may this accessory be made of exactly the same fabric (pattern and color) as the tie. Therefore: Hands away from those ready-made tie & pocket square boxes that you can find in most department stores! If you want to be on the safe side, you can never go wrong with a white handkerchief.

A pocket square can also be folded in different ways. On festive occasions, it is folded with three peaks, the most common however is the fold with two peaks. A rather simple, everyday business look is the presidential fold with a straight edge. Of course, pocket squares look really stylish for a casual look, too. Here you do not necessarily have to fold the little cloth strictly, but you can put it loosely in the breast pocket. This would be the so-called reverse puff. I found this really great video on YouTube where you can follow 12 different folding techniques and get some inspiration 😊

Perfect bags for men

I guess that there is no woman who would go out of the house without a handbag – women truly value handbags which match their outfit. However, a chic and high-quality business bag can also enhance a man’s overall look. Beautiful leather models in black or brown in the form of a briefcase can look absolutely noble. If you’re not only carrying around your laptop but also your gym attire for example, you will find awesome leather duffel bags to complement your look. For a short weekend get-away, a weekender bag will be the perfect travel companion.

Gloves as accessory for the winter

In winter, gloves must not be missing, for example in a universal combinable black or in brown or autumn tones. The most important thing is that the gloves are really tight. Make sure that the inner lining is not made of synthetic material, as you will sweat while wearing them.

Part 2 of this article will follow. We will talk about ties, bow ties, socks, belts and suspenders amongst others. Stay tuned 😊