Bespoke suits represent, so to speak, the premier class of suits for men. They are tailored to suit the gentlemen’s body and therefore fit perfectly. In the previous article, we have already discussed the features of ready-made and made-to-measure suits. But what makes a bespoke suit so special and why should you have at least one of them in your closet?

Tailored men’s suits

Fully bespoke suits are tailor made to your exact body shape and incorporate any of your ideas and wishes. All cuts are adapted not only to the length of the arms and legs but also to the personal style of the man. In addition, you will enjoy a detailed personal consultation in terms of materials and other factors that might be important to you. You can choose from the very finest materials which are available on the market. Good tailors have a huge selection of samples of the best fabrics in their ateliers. Sometimes the choice is really overwhelming, and it might be challenging to decide about the fabric and color. As far as the cut is concerned, no wish remains unsatisfied. There are no ready-made templates to follow, so the tailor will be able to comply with nearly any of your wishes.

The production of a bespoke suit requires the tailor to work very accurately, often sewing a large part of the suit by hand. For a high-quality suit, around 80 to 90 working hours must be taken into account. In addition, there are potentially multiple fittings as well as the cost of the chosen materials including top and lining fabrics, buttons, yarns etc. Bespoke suits are way more expensive than ready to wear suits. The tailoring process does also take much longer than for made to measure attire. Maybe you’ve heard of the Milanese buttonhole which you can find on the lapel of the suit. A perfect version can only be done by great tailors and is absolutely hand-sewn. This is the reason, why you will only find it on bespoke suits. You could say that it’s the icing on the cake. 😊

Fully bespoke suits are totally worth the money!

The investment in a tailor-made suit may initially appear to be very expensive, but it is absolutely worth it. High-quality bespoke suits can cost quite a few thousand euros. Not everyone is able to afford so much on a single suit. Notwithstanding, a bespoke suit fits perfectly, is durable and the meetings for consultation and fitting with the tailor are an amazing experience.

If you choose a bespoke suit from a good tailor then the result will definitely be worth it. The composition of the fabrics, the individual cut and the perfectly body-aligned lengths make the suit unique.

Good reasons for a high-quality suit

Anyone who has some sartorial knowledge, knows that a suit is a faithful companion for everyday working life. Even though a suit is still mandatory in many professions today, I also know many gentlemen who really like and enjoy wearing a suit. Especially wearers of high-quality tailored suits feel visibly more comfortable and appear to be more self-confident due to the perfect fit. This appearance is noticeable to the outside. It may sound strange, but you will be perceived differently in an elegant outfit than in casual wear. This phenomenon intensifies the better fitted the clothes really are. For example, the chances of success in presentations and in negotiations will also increase.

Bespoke suits are usually high-quality, are timeless depending on the cut and can be worn for a very long time. Ideally, for a lifetime. Maybe you already own a bespoke suit or you’ll be able to enjoy it sometime in the future. This investment is absolutely worth it!