Mazzarelli is well-known for its high-quality shirts for men which are entirely handmade in Italy. The brand offers an incredibly wide range of classic, casual and eco-friendly products keeping in mind the craftsmanship, tradition and heritage as its core values. When buying a shirt, you should never compromise on the quality but always look out for top-quality fabrics and finishes. It’s all about the details and those can truly make the difference. Mazzarelli therefore is a brand, you should definitely have a closer look at!

The beginnings of Mazzarelli

In 1960, Camiceria Mazzarelli was founded by Marino Mazzarelli in Castellana Grotte (Puglia, Italy). Marino has always loved shirts. During the Second World War, he spent a lot of time in the shelters where he sewed a shirt for himself and for a soldier-friend with the canvas of a ripped parachute. This war experience made him come up with the idea of starting a small artisan workshop producing solely men’s shirts.

As time passed, Mazzarelli evolved and became a brand which is well known worldwide. Men all over the world appreciate its top-quality fabrics, elegant style, and sartorial accuracy. Marino Mazzarelli passed over his passion to his son Domenico, who is leading the company today.

Mazzarelli shirts: Made in Italy and sewn by hand

All Mazzarelli shirts are 100% made in Italy, entirely produced and designed within the family-run business. As the supply of each shirt is limited, any product is a masterpiece fully handmade by Mazzarelli seamstresses.
Mazzarelli’s seasonal shirts are designed in line with the trends of the moment. Once the mood is chosen, they start with the design and creation process:

  • research and selection of fabrics and patterns (sometimes they even design their own exclusive patterns)
  • drawing the new shirts and collar style
  • washing and ironing the fabric before it is being cut by hand
  • assembly of the shirt

When it comes to the last step, the assembly, the shirt’s sides are closed with English seams, the cuffs and collars are individually cut and the sleeves are basted and sewn by hand. It’s pretty fascinating, that it takes around one whole day (more or less 8 hours) to sew an entire shirt by hand!

The Mazzarelli product range

Mazarreli offers not only RTW shirts; above all they have a wide range of MTM shirts. The best-selling shirts in their product range are the white classic, light blue classic, denim and délavé ones. A white shirt is definitely one that should not be missed in any man’s shirt collection. It is a truly versatile piece of clothing as you are always able to adapt it to every situation, from business to leisure.

Mazzarelli’s fall/winter and spring/summer collections are designed and produced in four lines: the VIP, Green Stone, Blue and their new Sins collections. Blue in any shade is the key-color for all of those collections.

The VIP collection

The VIP collection is primarily focusing on the traditionalism of a classic shirt, enhanced by meticulous cutting and processing techniques. It is perfect for a stylish gentleman who wants to look classy and elegant. Shirts from this collection are made from the finest cotton fabrics which are produced by industry leaders such as Albini Group and Alumo. The cherry on top for this collection are the best Australian mother-of-pearl buttons.

The Green Stone collection

Green Stone is a collection for a gentleman who wants to look rather casual-chic. The style is not so conservative but encompasses a trendy, seasonal, and washed look. Due to its soft collars, bright colors, prints and micro patterns, it can be perfectly worn for leisure, giving your style a pretty relaxed mood.

The Blue collection

If you are looking for something to wear for an informal occasion, you should definitely have a look at the Blue collection. Its unique stone/bleach-washed denim and délavé linen makes it the perfect companion for casual looks.

The Sins collection

This year, Mazzarelli has introduced it latest Sins collection. Sins is an acronym for “south inside” and stands for the perfect mix of textile innovation and the Mazzarelli “made in the south” sartorial experience. In this collection it is not about the classic shirt anymore but its reinterpretation by extending the product range. Mazzarelli has added new items such as over-shirts, blazers, jackets and super light t-shirts. All of those are made with breathable, wrinkle-free and environmentally friendly fabrics. Sins stands for responsible dressing without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Where to buy Mazzarelli shirts?

Mazzarelli focuses mainly on the northern European market. They don’t have a mono-brand physical shop but you can purchase their shirts at the best men’s garments stores worldwide. You will find their products at shops located in Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. They offer their retailers an outstanding RTW restocking service within a week and MTM service within two weeks. Moreover, each retailer can make its own tailor-made RTW shirts’ restocking. Of course, you can also buy their products online through their website. Here you can get to their online shop.

One of their most important short-term goals is to strengthen their relationship with the foreign market. In the long term, they aim at creating more awareness for responsible dressing made of eco-friendly fabrics. Hence, their new Mazzarelli Sins line is a step in the right direction.

Tania, thank you so much again for all this insightful and fascinating information about the Mazzarelli brand! 😊

Picture courtesy: Mazzarelli