Serà Fine Silk is an Italian brand well-known for its high-quality accessories for men. All their collections are handcrafted in Italy, more specifically in Como – an area, famous worldwide for its beautiful high-quality silk. Serà Fine Silk distinguishes itself for its elegant silk products and its meticulous craftsmanship. Their attention to detail is simply spectacular. Don’t miss out on getting to know more about the brand and its wonderful products.

The beginnings of Serà Fine Silk

Serà Fine Silk is located in Milano, Italy, and was founded by Francesca Serafin in 2015. However, in her eyes, the idea for her own brand was born a few years earlier already.

At the end of her high school path, Francesca decided to pursue a career in law and so she enrolled in the Faculty of Law at Bocconi University where she graduated. Her first jobs as a lawyer took her to various countries around the world including the United States, China and Italy.

However, Francesca has always been passionate about fabrics, especially silk; a passion handed down by her parents. At home, they had a giant closet with many types of fabrics. Here, Francesca used to play for hours as a child. Being rather curious, she was asking her mother what she could make of those fabrics: skirts, scarves and more. This passion and curiosity were the main triggers finally leading her to start an own business. She could not stay away from her creative nature any longer: In 2013 eventually, she handmade her first pocket square with a vintage silk as a gift to her boyfriend.

Shortly thereafter, she visited Pitti – one of the most important men’s trade fairs taking place in beautiful Florence twice a year – and decided to gift the pocket squares she created to some well-dressed gentleman whose style complemented hers. The response was pretty amazing: Serà pocket squares began appearing in some of THE famous magazines such as GQ, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

It was a truly successful start as people began asking for these elegant accessories and the business took off. Francesca named the company Serà Fine Silk, as a play on the words “Serafin” – her last name and “fine silk” – the main fabric used for the collections.

Why did Francesca start a business in high-quality accessories?

It is surely essential to be passionate and to have good taste when starting a business in fashion. Although Francesca has a different professional background, it is her passion that pushed her to make her dream come true.

The feminine touch brings a special interpretation into the collections.

Moreover, there are only few women designers dedicated to this specific market segment. Therefore, it is particularly interesting how a different perspective and a “feminine touch” can bring a fresh view and a distinct interpretation.

Starting and managing a business is definitely not easy, as you have to deal with various stakeholers: suppliers, manufacturers, retailers. However, the reward and the satisfaction are truly worth it. Furthermore, Francesca enjoys advising men on expanding their knowledge about tailoring and the quality of raw materials. She wants them to evolve and have their own opinion and taste, hence in this way letting their personality and style emerge.

What makes Serà Fine Silk unique?

There are especially two things that Serà Fine Silk stands for. First of all, the value lies in the high quality of raw materials used. As you might already know, the brand uses silk from Como – a city right at the amazing Como Lake, which is famous for some of the best silk worldwide. In addition, “made in Italy” is a synonym of craftsmanship, luxury and great attention to detail.

The front and back of the pocket squares show the highest printing quality.

For instance, the hems of all pocket squares are made entirely by hand which means around 45 minutes of labour for each piece! Furthermore, the back is equal to the front, a symbol of the highest printing quality. The scarves have a small medal made by a famous goldsmith in Vicenza on which you can add your initials. The ties have the back with the same silk as the front and the suspenders have the elastic covered in silk. For each product purchased, you are offered a guide with advice on how to wear and care about the products.

One of the main features in the sartorial world is attention to detail. It’s all about the details when looking for real style and uniqueness. Hence, all of these little things make Serà Fine Silk products truly luxurious and outstanding.

Serà Fine Silk product range

As already mentioned, Francesca started her business with silk pocket squares. Due to a continued increase in requests and interest by her customers, the collection had been expanded throughout the years.

Nowadays, you will find the following Serà Fine Silk product portfolio, with ascots and face masks just recently added:

  • pocket squares
  • ties
  • silk, cashmere and wool scarves
  • wool and silk suspenders
  • silk velvet or printed silk or wool bow ties
  • cummerbunds
  • silk ascots
  • silk face masks

The entire production process is carried out in Italy. The creative process starts from scratch: choosing patterns, designs, colors and fabrics are all the steps at the base of every piece. Once the creative process is finished, the team sends the designs to their artisans who handcraft the products. The manufacturers are chosen for their know-how, their precision and attention to detail. On average the production process takes around three weeks for a sample!

Pocket square names

As you might have seen on their homepage, there is not only a great degree of creativity seen in the design of their products. Have a closer look at the names of the pocket square and you will know what I mean. 😊 However, the collection names aren’t just a marketing thing. Personal interests are at the root of every creative process: Francesca is passionate about food, wine, traveling and Italian culture in general —and all of this serves as influence and inspiration.

The latest collection is inspired by the six main aromas of the wine Recioto di Soave.

For example, some of their collections are inspired by Italian cities, the beautiful islands of the North and South and the prestigious wines known throughout the world. Another example is the latest collection inspired by the prestigious DOCG Recioto di Soave wine. From this, the team has taken inspiration to create six pocket squares representing the six main aromas of the wine: tobacco, eucalyptus, plum, chocolate, vanilla and blueberry. Pretty exceptional idea, isn`t it?

Future goals and sales channels

In the short term, the company’s goals are to broaden its brand awareness and to create consistent and timeless collections. The engine of success however are the long-term goals. In this case, Serà Fine Silk strives to become an established and well-known brand around the world and to make its customers admire the purchased products even after a long time, because class and elegance should always be your best accessory.

Nowadays, the brand is present in 70 multi-brand stores worldwide and has its own e-commerce. Here is the link to the online shop.
Currently, Serà Fine Silk’s focus is mainly abroad, but a future goal is also to increase the brand awareness in their home country, Italy. Additionally, you can also buy their products in various multibrand online shops including the famous The Rake, Artemest and Bombinate. When it comes to Germany, Serà Fine Silk is only available online. However, they would like to expand their sales through physical stores, too.

Elisa, thank you so much again for all this insightful and fascinating information about Serà Fine Silk! I truly hope that men around the world will again start refining their style by adding beautiful pocket squares to their daily outfits – it is an amazing accessory which enhances the look significantly. No truly stylish gentleman should have an empty pocket 😊

Picture courtesy: Serà Fine Silk