ROTA Pantaloni is well-known for its high-quality trousers from Italy which it has been producing for nearly 60 years. Gentlemen around the world are excited about the durability, fit and comfort of ROTA products. High-quality, tradition and 100% Made in Italy are characteristics which truly embody the company. Have a closer look at the brand’s history, its value proposition, the product range and why you should own at least one pair of ROTA trousers!

The history of ROTA

ROTA is an Italian brand of trousers founded in 1962 by Ampelio Rota, a man with a profound experience in the menswear world. He was the co-owner of a dress company when one day he decided to create his own business producing only trousers. That was a very brave decision for that time as people were only wearing complete suits, meaning trousers and jackets made of the same fabric. Hence, having trousers which differed from the matching jacket was something new back then. Ampelio Rota’s unique idea however was farsighted and for that reason, even after 58 years, ROTA is still producing trousers only.

For ROTA, trousers are the most important part of a man’s outfit. A man needs to wear trousers, there is no alternative. And as you will spend your whole life wearing trousers, you should definitely feel very comfortable in them.

ROTA’s value proposition

What differentiates ROTA trousers from others is its profound knowledge and total focus on one product category only. Comfort and quality are the main characteristics which trousers must ensure. Trousers from ROTA are the best in these aspects which is the result of nearly 60 years of experience in producing only trousers.

ROTA is a real 100% “Made in Italy” company

ROTA is a real 100% “Made in Italy” company that produces all trousers directly in its own workshop. Due to the extensive experience of its Italian seamstresses, it has already reached a level which is very difficult to achieve by its competitors. During this whole time since 1962, ROTA’s goal has never changed: Producing the best trousers in the world.

ROTA’s product range

ROTA Pantaloni offers two different trouser lines: Rota and RotaSport.

ROTA is the classic sartorial production of which the main line started in 1962. The best wools, cottons and linen are used to create sartorial trousers. In this case, special production methods are applied to obtain such unique quality. Here, each seam is combined with an extra ironing step in between. This method is mainly responsible for the difference in the product and in the wearability at the end.

ROTASPORT is the Sportswear Line. All RotaSport products are treated, dyed or washed after the making phase. This results in one of a kind garments which emphasize the sportier attitude of casual gentlemen. Furthermore, this line offers a wide range of fabrics and different kind of fittings. These trousers are treated in such a way as to be as soft and as comfortable as possible to give the most pleasant experience to the final consumer.

Grey wool trousers are a definite must-have for every man

When it comes to a must-have, grey wool trousers should definitely be part of every man’s wardrobe. It is easy to combine them with other garments, you can wear them every day and for all occasions. Hence, you will always look appropriately dressed. Of course, you can find amazing grey wool trousers by ROTA in their online shop. Click here to get to ROTAs online shop directly. 😊

ROTA produces both RTW and MTO trousers

The high level of specialization achieved in all these years allows ROTA to offer trousers which meet the customers’ requirements in every aspect. Additionally, the company can quickly customize the product based on specific demands of the markets on which they are sold. ROTA offers an exceptionally high variety of fittings and fabrics to its customers. Hence, in any shop, the final customers will be able to find trousers of the highest quality which always differ in terms of details and therefore make them unique in its characteristics. ROTA’s production is customizable to meet the clientele’s requirements.

Each garment can actually be customized in terms of various details, amongst others the

• style
• color of the lining
• matching or contrasting seams
• buttons
• pockets’ cut.

ROTA’s sales channels and the unique online customization feature

ROTA trousers are present in all of the best shops all over the world. Thanks to the expansion of the foreign markets, 70% of the trousers are being sold outside of Italy today. Due to the high level of customization which ROTA offers to its retailers, you will most probably never find the exact same trousers in two different stores. On ROTA’s new website you can find a list with all official retailers worldwide, including Germany.

Customization of your own trousers is possible online!

There is a new special feature on ROTA’s website that you definitely need to try out! Apart from the ready to wear collection of trousers that you can buy directly at ROTA’s new online shop, you can now create/ customize your own trousers with any imaginable detail. This is an incredible unique service which nobody else is offering in the online market. Don’t miss out on giving it a try!

Dear ROTA Team, thank you very much again for all those interesting and exciting insights into your high-quality trousers! 😊


Picture Courtesy: Rota