SA.AL&CO is a brand for premium men’s skincare products from Austria which are certified natural and vegan. Their product range contains all essentials for every man’s skincare experience. As an environmentally friendly company, its beautiful packaging is made from 99% recycled materials. Sophistication, uniqueness as well as experienced quality describe SA.AL&CO best. Have a closer look at the brand’s value proposition, the product range, its features and why you should definitely have their products in your bathroom!

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The creation of SA.AL&CO and its value proposition

The founders began their quest for building a new premium men’s skincare inspired by the brand and products of Aesop. Using those products and learning about the company encouraged them to dig deeper into men’s skincare. They saw no other brand offering the aroma therapeutic, sophisticated and sustainable range of products to men and hence decided to start an own business in this field.

Compared to women, men are not only different in the way they think and use skincare but also their skin is different. This made the founders embark on developing a brand and product range that most men would use most days and that would elevate their daily routine at once. Meanwhile they have attained knowledge through deep research into the segment with market insiders, purchases of products from all around the world and lengthy development processes. The latter was conducted with the lab that is solely committed to creating quality natural skincare amidst the alpine region of Austria.

The biggest differentiator of SA.AL&CO is experienced quality. Their products are already of the highest quality that you can get in the men’s skincare segment, but so are those of some other brands. SA.AL&CO is also a thoroughly sustainable brand. They are using nearly fully recycled aluminium for packaging and crisp alpine spring water as a base ingredient. But then there are other sustainable brands, too. Hence, they focus on going one step further to provide so-called experienced quality. Namely they offer products that look, smell and feel like no other product in the men’s skincare space, but elevating the experience to what one only expects of great fashion or lifestyle brands.

The SA.AL&CO range of natural products

SA.AL&CO offers natural skincare products of the highest quality in a truly timeless and sophisticated design. The product range consists of all the basics that a man really needs:

  • Hair & Body Wash for daily use in a large and travel size
  • Shaving Crème that is ideal for sensitive skin
  • Light Moisturizer & After Shave Balm for calming and refreshing the skin after a shave
  • Intense Moisturizer for the ultimate skin replenishment on the face and hands
  • Deodorant that is one of the most powerful natural spray deodorants in the market and
  • Hand Wash that smells amazingly whilst protecting the skin yet without remaining on the skin

The top sellers are definitely the Intense Moisturizer and the Hair & Body Wash. They are the ideal entry point into the brand. This is especially important for men as they prefer to use one brand for all their needs. A great purchase is the SA.AL&CO gift box in which you will find all the essentials you need for your skincare experience. Another interesting feature is the possibility of personalization. If you want, you can optionally personalize each product with an individual handwritten inscription!

All SA.AL&CO products are produced in Austria. They have an outstanding development and production partner with production in the alpine region of Tyrol. This partner is specialized on only producing natural skincare and is staffed by wonderful people with a great passion for producing high quality skincare. Furthermore, they have access to crisp alpine spring water by means of a creek flowing by their production facility originating from a nearby glacier.

Your step into the daily SA.AL&CO skincare routine

When you are just starting to get interested in high-quality men’s skincare, the first recommendation by the SA.AL&CO Founder and Managing Director Istvan is: Don’t change your routine. The most important step is to feel the difference and to enjoy using higher quality products on a daily basis. Don’t ask for tips on what you should use and what steps to follow – you will get tired of sticking to this after just a few weeks. Most importantly, get the basic products used already but from higher quality brands first. Using those will elevate your whole skincare experience.

If you want to dig deeper afterwards, by buying more complex products such as cleansers (which for men is a rarity) then do so only once you feel like wanting to upgrade. The reason is simple: Once you get into the habit of using great products and pampering yourself, the road to using a wider range of products happens naturally. Also, it is something that you will be using throughout your life. Therefore, there is no rush in becoming a sophisticated user of many products. Just find those that appeal to your taste the most, get the basic products, and get into it – chances are, you will like it.

Istvan is a big believer of using simple, multi-functional products that however make a difference. So, in terms of must-haves in every men’s bathroom, he would simply say: a body wash, a shampoo and a moisturizer for your face. Shaving gels and deodorants are usually basic anyhow. In his opinion, the moisturizer makes the biggest difference. If you start using it on a regular basis, such the SA.AL&CO 041 Intense Moisturizer, this will make all the difference in the way how fresh your face feels and looks.

SA.AL&CO goals and sales channels

In the short team, SA.AL&CO wants to support their retail partners as best as they can, since many have struggled through the COVID-19 related closures. In the long term, the brand wants to continue to build a strong followership and become the trusted men’s skincare brand for men who appreciate the difference between good and great products. They believe that this way they can improve men’s quality of life, health and skin.

You can buy SA.AL&CO products in 350+ locations across 26 countries. So after only 4 years of launching, they are already a global brand. The retailers they partner with are exclusively privately owned perfumeries or skincare stores, with the exception of some department stores such as Liberty London in the UK or private sports clubs.

Find some more inspiration and have a closer look at their amazing natural skincare products on the SA.AL&CO webpage and their Instagram account.


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Dear SA.AL&CO Team, thank you very much again for all those interesting and exciting insights into your sophisticated natural skincare products for men! 😊

Picture courtesy: SA.AL&CO