Ties are one of the most important men’s accessory and there are many different types of ties. Nowadays, the tie is no longer a must in everyday business life. However, in many classic and more conservative professions, this is still part of the suit. Men usually also wear an accessory on their neck on festive occasions. Depending on the occasion, this is either a tie or a bow tie. What should you watch out for when choosing a tie for your suit?

Which tie fits my type best?

The range of men’s ties is almost bigger than the one of women’s shoes. In fact, there are ties in all sorts of colors, consisting of different fabrics. In general, ties differ mainly in their width and length. Very short ties are hardly worn these days anymore, unless you are a really fashion-addicted young woman. Gentlemen often opt for the standard width, but in some cases they might also the narrow necktie. For the latter one however, you really have to be “the type” to not look ridiculous. Of course, there are also special ties, such as the wedding neckties made of fine silk.

So, which tie and knot fits my type best? First of all, the shirt you choose, along with the collar type, decide which knot it should be. In fact, not all knot and tie styles are suitable for every man. Also, the different occasions require different knots. A slim tie should obviously be worn with a narrow collar and preferably tied with a four-in-hand knot. If you wear a cutaway collar, you should refrain from slim ties. If the tie is wide and thick, then you should go for a knot, which doesn’t make the tie look like a big bell under your chin.


5 tips for choosing the right tie

  • Solid-colored models are usually suitable, allow for a professional and classic look and can also be combined with colored shirts.

  • Ties with patterns are daring and attract attention. However, patterns should always be chosen wisely, because it should fit the overall outfit.

  • The typical width of a tie is 8 centimeters, narrower models are about 5 centimeters. Personally, I wouldn’t advise you to go for narrow ties. I prefer the classic models of about 8 cm, even for rather slim men.

  • Silk ties look classy and noble. Thus, simple suits and your overall appearance can be elevated. Always perfect for a special occasion. At weddings, however, you should refrain from the colors white and silver as these are reserved for the groom.

  • Nano fabrics are extremely dirt-repellent and might be a good alternative for business lunches. Small mishaps can be quickly removed with a napkin.

A few trends

Have you ever heard of grenadine ties? Here, the silk is woven in a very special way, so the tie is perfect for a more casual but still elegant look. These ties look really great and are a real eye-catcher when compared to classic silk ties!

In recent times, you can increasingly see knit ties with a straight tip which are usually made from cashmere. You can argue about taste, but I do not really like those ties as I prefer the classical angled tip. What do you think? 😊