Rampley & Co is especially known for its exceptionally beautiful pocket squares which are based on fine art from museums and art galleries. The brand offers an incredibly versatile accessory so men around the world can instantly elevate their style. Material, design and quality are the main pillars of the brand and are essential for creating a product which makes you feel like wearing a real piece of art in your pocket. Have a closer look at the brand’s history, its value proposition, the product range and why you should definitely own at least one of their amazing pocket squares!

The beginnings of Rampley & Co

The two founders, Elliott and Simon set up Rampley & Co out of a desire to offer something a little different in the market. Elliott has always loved wearing pocket squares but was especially amazed by women’s scarves. Those had stunning patterns and designs ever since Hermés in the 1930s. However, they could not really find anyone offering a male equivalent on the market. Everything available was pretty similar: the same old paisley, polka dot and flat colors. Elliott and Simon wanted to differentiate themselves with all of their pocket squares telling a story through design and manufacture. Hence, they came up with a pretty fascinating and exciting idea: basing their design on fine art taken from art galleries and museums.

For their very first pocket squares, they have been inspired by three pieces of fine art which you can admire at the Tate in London. Since then, they have partnered with various prestigious art galleries and museums. Amongst those are the National Gallery, the Wallace Collection, the Museum of London, English Heritage and the British Museum.

The Rampley & Co product range

Rampley & Co is most famous for its amazing pocket squares which are of the highest quality. You can choose from their wide range of their ready-wear collection. Any of those will be a timeless addition to your sartorial wardrobe. However, if you have special requests and ideas, you can opt for a bespoke pocket square. Any of your wishes can be incorporated in this case.

A year after their launch, Rampley & Co has decided to expand their product range by ties and socks. Later on, they have added more and more products. Apart from their iconic pocket squares, you can now also find braces, umbrellas and silk women’s scarves. Their latest additions to their product offering are tailored jackets and overcoats with fine art silk linings as well as cashmere scarves. They offer their bespoke service for any of their products. So, you have the chance of creating something very personal and unique according to your wishes.

In comparison to many other brands, they do not launch two main seasonal collections a year. Their focus is on creating beautiful prints without focusing on any particular colour themes. Hence, they do not follow any fashion trends but simply create designs which they love.

Rampley & Co’s ‘quality-first approach’

Rampley & Co is truly committed to quality and can differentiate itself from other brands by this feature. Since the beginning, they are ensuring to offer the best possible products not only in terms of design but also concerning the materials used. They manage to achieve this high quality by working together with manufacturers from the UK. Some of the factories have an impressive manufacturing experience of 200 years! It is important for Rampley & Co to leverage the craftsmanship and heritage in British manufacturing which makes their products absolutely valuable and unique.

The uniqueness of Rampley & Co’s pocket squares

One of the main goals of Rampley & Co is to always produce and offer the best possible pocket squares which you can find on the market. Hence, the brand focuses on a few important factors:

  • size
  • hemming
  • material and
  • design.

Pocket square size

When buying your next pocket square, you should definitely take care of the size as it has a significant impact on the fold. You will find lots of pocket squares on the market which are 30x30cm. This is way too small for silk pocket squares and they tend to disappear in the pocket. But isn’t it the purpose of a pocket square to be visible? Hence, you should avoid pocket squares of less than 40cm if they are made of lightweight fabrics.

Nearly all pocket squares that you can find in the Rampley & Co collection have a size of 42x42cm. This is the perfect size for folding it nicely and for not looking too bulky on your chest. The pocket square will not slip in your pocket and its shape will be maintained.


All pocket squares by Rampley & Co have hand rolled edges which is a key feature for a great visual effect and an exceptional structure. This important detail will allow you to wear your pocket square in different styles. It will not only avoid slippage within the pocket. If you decide to go for a pointed fold, it will furthermore help keeping the corners crisp. So, you will be able to create a beautiful look with its own unique character.


The quality of the material used is one of the most essential features of a pocket square. Rampley & Co uses very fine mulberry silk twill with 100% silk filament with the highest grade they can procure. Therefore, their pocket squares do not look bulky when inserted in the pocket. Rather, this high-quality silk makes the accessory hold its shape when folded. Additionally, they needed to find a material which enables them to reflect those art masterpieces as a perfectly clear image with truly rich details in the prints. They even manage to display the full color palette with an impressive saturation on both sides of the pocket square. This is truly exceptional, as on the market you will often see bleached versions of the pattern on one of the sides.


With its ‘fine art inspiration’, Rampley & Co offers truly exceptional pocket squares. It’s like a beautiful work of art hidden away in your pocket. Their designs are so amazing, that you could almost frame their products. Hence, you have versatile color combinations and you can fold them in infinite ways.

Where can you buy their products?

The brand focuses on ecommerce and has a beautiful website where you can order any of their products. Their online shop is structured in helpful categories and you can place your bespoke enquiries via email. For those of you, who want to touch the product before buying it, Rampley & Co doesn’t have a physical shop but they are stocked in menswear stores and at tailors around the world.

Here you can directly get to the Rampley & Co Onlineshop. For further inspiration you should check out the Rampley & Co Instagram Account.

Elliott, thank you so much again for all this insightful and fascinating information about your brand! Your achievements with Rampley & Co are truly inspirational 😊

Picture courtesy: Rampley & Co