Muki Hasani is a tailor creating wonderful high-quality suits in Barcelona who established his label “Muki Bespoke” back in 2015. With the best fabrics, passion, dedication as well as the highest level of personalization, he is always striving for perfection. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Muki in his beautiful atelier in the heart of Barcelona. Find out about his tailoring career and why you should definitely consider owning at least one Muki Bespoke suit!

Muki’s journey of creating Muki Bespoke

Muki started his tailoring journey at the early age of 14 back in Prishtina, Kosovo where he was born. It was important for his father that his children also learn a craft such as tailoring, barbering, shoemaking apart from going to school. Therefore, Muki’s teenage years were tough: Being at school from 7am to 1pm, coming back home for lunch and spending the afternoon until 7pm as apprentice at a tailor. He was doing this for 8 long years and eventually it turned into passion. He reminisces about this time “I used to learn for free” and looking back he can still hear the sound of the old Singer sewing machine his mother used at nights.

At the age of 23, Muki decided to go to London, with its famous Savile Row as epitome of British tailoring. He has been able to learn the Anglo-Saxon techniques and improve his skills during those 11 years in the English capital. Muki joined Zegna in 1995 where he left as Head Tailor 20 years later to open his own atelier in Barcelona. His childhood aspirations finally became true.

The unique Customer experience

Being a bespoke tailor is something very exclusive. You are not producing garments for the mass, but you have the opportunity of creating something really unique. Therefore, customers are coming to see Muki by appointment only and he is taking a lot of time to get to know them better. A good relationship is essential to understand the customers’ requirements and wishes. Only then a perfectly fitting suit can be created fully reflecting the client’s desired characteristics and body shape. Here, longtime expertise, dedication, passion and the highest level of personalization meet and combine style, class and luxury.

Fabrics used

Muki is exclusively working with anglo-italian fabrics offering the highest quality possible. Amongst others, he is using Holland & Sherry, Scabal, Dormeuil, Zegna, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Loro Piana with the super numbers 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 200 and 220. The higher the number, the more fragile the material. Hence, you need to take more care when wearing it as it will not be so resistant. However, the difference when touching it is stunning. A super 220 is way more delicate and has a special softness. When you are considering a suit for work, which you are using frequently, a super 120 will do. Muki favors a super 150 for such suits as those are high-quality materials which are also durable.

In general, Muki prefers working with super 150s to 220s and not below. Mostly you will see tailors who are working up to super 170s and not higher. It is more difficult to work with higher super numbers due to their softness, hence it also takes more time to make a suit. Muki is also creating wonderful garments in very special fabrics such as vicuña. If you considered cashmere being very soft you should definitely touch vicuña… 😊

The suit creation process and characteristics

A bespoke suit embodies a complete personalization. The customer can choose from the wide variety of high-quality fabrics. He can choose the design:
• single- or double-breasted suit
• color
• amount of buttons
• width of the lapels (Muki Bespoke signature lapels are more curved/rounded than standard lapels)
• personalization of the inner lining
• etc.

Simply anything is possible. Once this is decided, Muki takes around 40 measures to fully reflect the body’s pattern. In total it takes around 4 to 5 weeks to finish the suit with at least one fitting in between. Approximately 70 hours are needed for a three-piece suit and Muki will not let the customer leave with the suit unless it fits perfectly.

For the perfect fit and the highest quality, Muki Bespoke suits are all full canvas suits and handmade. The tailored jackets and waistcoats are fully handstitched – just imagine that each buttonhole takes approximately 30 minutes! Shirts can either be fully handstitched or a mixture of handmade and machine made. In the latter case, the sides of the shirt are done by machine, however the cuffs, the shoulders and the buttonholes are done by hand. So, it takes around 15 hours to complete one single shirt.

Finally, according to Muki, definite must-haves in every gentleman’s wardrobe are a blue and dark grey suit, a blue blazer and grey pants. Now you know, where you should order those! 😊

Bespoke: Individually crafted garments just for you

If you go to a shop and buy a ready to wear suit there, you buy something that is imposed to you. You buy a brand, you buy fashion. And here is the difference to bespoke clothing. You make your own design, it fully reflects your requirements, your wishes, your vision. And it is done exclusively for you, perfectly fitting to your body.

When looking for a beautifully handmade high-quality suit you should definitely consider contacting Muki. Muki is a very hard-working, dedicated and passionate tailor who truly loves what he is doing. He will make sure that you leave his atelier as a perfectly satisfied customer – you for sure will not be disappointed! You can check out his Instagram account to get some more impressions. Here you will get directly to Muki’s homepage.

Muki, thank you so much again for this truly interesting and inspiring conversation! 😊

Picture courtesy: Muki Bespoke