Francesco Maglia is well-known for its high-quality umbrellas from Italy which the company has been producing for more than 160 years. Customers from all over the world are excited about the uniqueness, design and durability of the products. High-quality, passion and profound expertise are characteristics which are truly embodied by the company. Have a closer look at the brand’s history, its value proposition, the product range and why you should own at least one Francesco Maglia umbrella!

The history of Francesco Maglia

Francesco Maglia is an Italian brand for handcrafted umbrellas founded in 1854 by Francesco Maglia. Francesco started working as umbrella maker in 1850 and after 4 years of apprenticeship he decided to open his own business. Back in those times, umbrellas were primary necessity goods which caused a big demand for umbrella factories and umbrella makers. Therefore, it was a logical implication for Francesco to start his own entrepreneurial activity in this area. It has been a family business ever since. Today, Francesco Maglia, who represents the 6th generation, is running the company.

Today’s umbrella market can be basically divided into two categories. On the one hand there are the luxury umbrellas of impeccable quality crafted from supreme materials. But then there are the cheap low-quality umbrellas which you can get in any drug store. The middle price range does not really exist in the umbrella market. In fact, there are some medium rage umbrellas. But mostly it is just the name of the brand applied on imported goods. Francesco Maglia is the perfect example of a company which positioned itself in the high-end market segment embodying passion, craftsmanship and highest quality.

The product range

Francesco Maglia’s products are 100% made in Italy. Only in case that any primary products are not available in Italy, then those are sourced from abroad. Preferably from other European countries. Throughout the years, the company has put enormous effort into the research of finding the best raw materials. Therefore, they very carefully select its suppliers. Consequently, this allows the brand to work together with exclusive suppliers offering the best materials. Hence, it has a wide choice of options in creating and offering unique products. Furthermore, Francesco Maglia is continuously improving its manufacturing techniques to enhance the product. Therefore, Francesco Maglia umbrellas are of the highest quality and value that you can get on the market.

The company offers a broad selection of models:

  • Solid stick: assembled on a single piece natural wooden shaft
  • Fit-up: the shaft can be made in beech wood or plated brass and be combined with wooden or leather handles
  • Folding: referring to, as the word already suggests, the folding version of the umbrella
  • Storm: has a sturdy shaft with anti-wind ribs combined with leather or wooden handles
  • Special: such as travel, picnic and golf

For someone who is just getting interested in high-quality umbrellas, the solid stick model will be the best pick for the beginning. This model is the ultimate expression of craftsmanship and perfectly shows the skills and experience from more than 160 years in treating raw materials.

When it comes to best-sellers in their product range, then these are undoubtedly the solid stick and folding umbrellas.

What makes Francesco Maglia umbrellas unique?

The production of Francesco Maglia umbrellas takes place in the warehouse in Milan and they are entirely made by hand. Here, artisans employ more than 160 years of experience in manufacturing the umbrellas. The production of an umbrella requires not only numerous processing steps (sometimes amounting to more than 70!) but also incredible tailoring skills and meticulous joinery. There are three main components in an umbrella:

  • Metal parts
  • Wood
  • Fabrics

Francesco Maglia creates and designs the majority of its umbrellas by drawing inspiration from ties and fabrics for suits.
You can distinguish a Francesco Maglia umbrella by its unique style and the top quality. The latter is significantly higher than most of the competitors’ umbrellas. The fabrics used are very resistant and the umbrellas therefore have a very high durability. A further important feature is the maniacal attention to detail: fabrics waved on loom for ties, embroidered rings and many more.

There is a high emphasis on sustainability, so that all umbrellas are 100% eco-friendly. The company has always been involved in creating products with the lowest environmental impact possible. Hency, it is following a real sustainable innovation program. This program addresses its suppliers, the raw materials as well as its employees and always sets the planet and society as top priority. The company truly cares about the environmental impact produced by its work and tries to minimize it as much as possible.

Customization possibilities

Customers do also have the option to order a bespoke umbrella. This type of service is available either in the Milanese workshop or also online from all over the world.

The clients can build their own 100% customizable umbrella from scratch. Here, they can choose the model, measure, handle, metal colors and fabric. There is a wide range of fabrics and measures available so basically any Customer wish and requirement can be fulfilled. Moreover, the customers can decide to add their initials engraved on the tag placed on the handle or to sew them. The lead time for such an order completely depends on the specific request as sometimes it can be pretty complicated and elaborate.

Goals and sales channels

As short-term goal, the company is trying to bring a younger audience closer to the product. They want to teach them the proper use of the product without neglecting quality, durability and eco-sustainability. In the long-term, the brand wants to grow stronger and transform itself into an actual legacy.

95% of Francesco Maglia’s umbrellas are sold abroad. You can find them in the best department stores, shoe stores, tailoring ateliers and interior design stores all over the world and also online. An exclusive new Francesco Maglia e-shop will be released very soon.

There is also a very strong relationship with more than 30 retailers all over Germany: from Hamburg to Munich, passing through Berlin, Duesseldorf and many more.

Check out Francesco Maglia’s Instagram page for more umbrella inspirations and visit their homepage!

Dear Francesco, thank you very much again for all those truly interesting and inspirational facts and insights into your high-end, durable and eco-friendly umbrellas! 😊

Picture courtesy: Giacomo Perotti