Christmas is getting closer and closer – how about some sartorial Christmas present inspirations? Either for your own Christmas wish list or as a gift idea for your partner, brother or dad. In this article you will find some great sartorial ideas for Christmas presents. Each section contains examples and sometimes a link to an existing article about the brand is given. Especially in the current Corona situation, we think that it is very important to support small and, if possible, local suppliers who had a particularly difficult time this year. We mention a few of these shops in the article – a look at their high-quality products is definitely worthwhile! Now is the perfect time to start looking for presents so that everything arrives on time. 😊

Here an overview of the brands mentioned in this article with direct links to their online shops:


Currently, men do not use ties that often anymore since a lot of people are working from home and even big events like weddings are not allowed to take place. But you can never have enough ties! At the latest for the upcoming Christmas festivities, we will be dressing up more elegantly and the tie cannot be missing. So why not add a new tie to your wish list?

If you are looking for a more extravagant tie and are more daring with colours and patterns, you should definitely visit Stefano Cau‘s online shop. I first met Stefano personally at Pitti in Florence in January and was impressed by his Italian handmade accessories for men. He is an incredibly nice person, truly passionate about ties. You can read about him and his products here.

Also in the online shop of Granqvist from Sweden you will surely find what you are looking for. They do not only offer high-quality ties, but also a wide range of other sartorial products. Perfect for the cold season are scarves, caps and gloves. And if you can’t decide, then simply choose a voucher which you can redeem at a later date.

Clothing: trousers, knitwear and shirts

The end of the year is always a good time to have a closer look at your wardrobe and make room for a few new pieces. But always keep in mind: less is more. Make sure you pay attention to the quality of the products you buy. It’s better to choose a few high-quality, timeless garments that you can rely on for a long time than cheap seasonal clothes that you will only wear a few times.

That’s why I can warmly recommend Rota Pantaloni trousers. The durability, fit and comfort of Rota products are truly exceptional. You can find further information about Rota in this article.

When it comes to high quality products, Italians are simply unbeatable. Traveling is currently very limited. But if you want to bring a little bit of Milanese flair into your own home, take a look at the online shop of Di POLDO. Their luxurious knitwear is made from the best cashmere. We have also written about them here.

And if you are looking for something that does not come straight off the shelf, but is customized to your wishes and measurements, Apposta is the right place for you. Here you can put together your dream shirt. You won’t be disappointed by the large selection of high-quality fabrics and options. Have fun putting together your desired shirt!

Body care

An increasing number of men is paying more attention to their personal hygiene, and besides toothpaste, shaving cream and a perfume, more and more products are piling up in the bathroom. Always look out for natural ingredients when buying – that’s the best you can do for your skin.

You can get vegan men’s skin care products from SAAL&CO from Austria. Among their product range you will find shaving cream, moisturizing cream, after shave balm and deodorant. And all this in a minimalist environmentally friendly packaging, which is almost completely made of recycled materials. Antica Barbieria Colla from Italy relies on their traditional recipes for its products. Especially when it comes to shaving products, they’re experts. We have already written about both brands in articles: SAAL&CO and Antica Barbieria Colla.

But how about skin care products that have been developed specifically for the area below the belt? Have you already heard about intimate care for men or have you ever tried it? The intimate deo cream from Groomed Rooster from Germany protects your private parts and reduces chafing, razor burn, absorbs sweat and neutralizes odor. It is a great product especially for men who do a lot of sports. The perfect Christmas present – give it a try! 😊

Further exclusive accessories

A great idea for Christmas presents are also the following two products: handmade umbrellas from Italy by Francesco Maglia and handmade cufflinks by Barbarulo, also from Italy. Links to the articles can be found here: Francesco Maglia and Barbarulo Napoli.

Every gentleman should own at least one high-quality umbrella. Francesco Maglia not only captivates by the design and uniqueness of its umbrellas, but also by the premium quality and therefore durability of its products. If you want it even a bit more luxurious, you can go for a bespoke Francesco Maglia umbrella.

Jewelry is a significant accessory, not only for women. Amazing cufflinks by Barbarulo Napoli will upgrade your attire and give an exclusive look. Their great value is determined by delicate shapes and excellent craftsmanship. At Barbarulo you also have the possibility to order bespoke cufflinks made according to your wishes.

We hope that you have found some inspiration for Christmas presents and can now start your Christmas shopping for yourself or your loved one. Have a merry Christmas time! 😊

Picture courtesy: Stefano Cau, Rota Pantaloni, SAAL&CO, Francesco Maglia, Barbarulo Napoli,