Antica Barbieria Colla (ABC) is one of the most famous barbershops in Milan with a history of over 100 years. Since recently, the grooming products made primarily for the use in the shop are also being offered for sale. Antica Barbieria Colla is especially known for its longtime traditions and is valued by men from all over the world. Have a closer look at the brand’s history, its value proposition, the product range and why you should visit the barbershop in Milan!

The Antica Barbieria Colla barbershop

The Antica Barbieria Colla barbershop was founded in 1904 by Dino Colla. Later on, it has been taken over by Franco Bompieri who has been working there since 1960s. It is located in the very heart of Milan, close to the famous opera house La Scala. When entering the shop, you might basically get the impression of travelling back in time. Looking at the vintage furniture and accessories, you can still feel the atmosphere from the beginning of the last century. Back in those times, men were regularly visiting their barbers. It was not only about the essential grooming: shaving, mustache cut and haircut. It was also to socialize, to meet like-minded men. Especially at such a famous and prestigious place as ABC, you could often meet famous people. It could be referred to as a whole experience: excellent grooming combined with high attention and individual care for each client.

This tradition has been passed on to the next generations. Nowadays is has been revived again as more and more young men increasingly care for professional grooming products and the valuable service. The shaving ritual at the Antica Barbieria Colla barbershop is a definite must-do experience:

  • pre-shave cream
  • a warm cloth
  • a brush from animal hair
  • shaving cream
  • razor blades which do not irritate your skin but allow for flawless shaving
  • skincare cream
  • a warm cloth

And all this paired with the greatest customer service and attention.

The ABC product range

The products used in the Antica Barbieria Colla barbershop still follow the traditional recipes from the beginning of the 19th century. Initially, they were designated for the use at the shop only. However, throughout the years an increasing number of friends and customers were asking to buy the products and use them at home as well. Recently, this high demand motivated Franco’s daughter, Francesca Bompieri to enhance the family-run business. In 2013 she has created and launched the exclusive line of quality shaving and grooming articles which you can buy online and at some selected retailers around the world.

In the past decades, the Bompieri family was able to gather and analyze the specific requirements of its customers. Its extensive experience in grooming allowed for the creation of products for haircare, shaving as well as beardcare which can satisfy the needs of the discerning gentlemen. Extensive thought has also been put into the packaging which provides the customer with a feeling of this longtime tradition and experience.


When it comes to haircare you can find shampoo, conditioner and hair gel. There are some fragrances which are unique and will definitely give you a special sensual experience. Have a look at the Egg & Rum Shampoo or the Black Fig Hair Gel.


In terms of shaving there are essentially three different product types:

  • Pre-Shave Cream which prepares your skin for the treatment
  • Shaving Cream which softens the skin and makes it smooth
  • Apricot Hull Aftershave, a historical cream which provides the skin with all the nutriment needed


You will also get the essential products for a well-groomed beard at ABC:

  • Beard Shampoo specifically created for facial hair
  • Dry Oil to soften and moisture the beard
  • Beard Conditioner reducing the itch from hair growth, softening the beard and nourishing it
  • Beard Wax protecting the beard especially from cold weather and wind, providing it with nourishment and a special sheen

The ABC Academy

Antica Barbieria Colla is currently planning a great initiative: the ABC Academy! It aims at all high-end barbershops which would like to approach and learn the Antica Barbieria Colla way of working following its longtime Italian tradition. Interested barbershops will have the opportunity to participate in trainings where they will be taught about traditional grooming, gain valuable know-how and learn more about ABC products. This project was supposed to be launched in March 2020. Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus situation, it had to be put on hold for the time being, but everyone is excited for this project to be resumed soon.

As a family business with a long history, Antica Barbieria Colla wants to preserve the craftsmanship in the grooming sector. The company embodies a deep passion for the old tradition making use of modern means of communication with its customers. Have a look at their online shop here and get inspired by their products! And don’t miss out on visiting the barbershop on your next trip to Milan 😊

Dear Francesca, thank you very much again for all those interesting and exciting insights into the grooming tradition! 😊

Picture courtesy: Antica Barbieria Colla